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Low Price Guarantee

Low Price Guarantee

We pride ourselves on offering our business customers the very best prices…guaranteed! 

In the unusual case that another online retailer is publically offering the same individual product at a lower price and sold with the same sale conditions, we will match their price.

To claim your refund /a lower price, please provide the details below: 

  • Name of the competitor including website address
  • The dates that the competitor's price are available
  • Proof of competitor's price
  • URL to the relevant lower priced item


Our low price guarantee is subject to the terms and conditions set out below. These terms supplement our other terms of business on our website.


  1. Who do you need to be to benefit from our low price guarantee?

To claim your low price guarantee you need to be a business customer. If you are not already one of our registered business customers, you will need to register as part of your first purchase from us before you can take advantage of our low price guarantee.
We will credit you the difference when you place your first order with us. Please make sure you contact us before your initial purchase, or simply call us on 0800 3163876, Monday to Friday 9am - 5:30pm and we'll help you place your first order on the phone.

  1. What is the maximum amount of the low price guarantee?

In order to avoid issues with typos, etc – we reserve the right to cap the amount by which we will reduce our prices to match those of a competitor to an amount equal to 30% of the price that we advertise on our website.

  1. What do we mean by 'same sale conditions'?

The competitor needs to be selling the products on the same terms as we do to enable you to claim your low price guarantee, so for example:

  • The competitor must have the items in stock;
  • The products must be identical, same brand, model, size, weight, colour, condition, specifications etc;
  • The competitor's product must be brand new and in its original packaging;
  • The time for delivery must be equivalent to our delivery times;
  • Guarantees and/ or warranties provided free or at charge;
  • If delivery is included on your delivery from us then we take into account any delivery charges of our competitor;
  • We compare prices on the basis that they are VAT exclusive;
  • The payment terms need to be the same.
  1. What products are not covered?

We do not offer our low price guarantee on the following categories of products:

  • Computers and tablets;
  • Electronic equipment, which includes barcode kits, printers, scanners, software and supplies;
  • Photocopiers;
  • Scanners;
  • Bespoke products, items made to order and special orders.
  1. What prices do we match?
  • Prices of products that are publicly available on the internet for sale from internet retailer companies, corporations and traders physically located in the UK and that deliver to UK addresses (not just trading in the UK on the internet);
  • The price from the competitor must be available at the time you place your order with us.
  1. We do not offer our low price guarantee in respect of the price of products where:
  • The competitor sells on auction websites, price comparison websites or is in administration or closing down;
  • the competitor's price is based on a wholesale or bulk discount or is part of a special promotion, bonus or free offer;
  • the competitor's price is/has a typographical error;
  • the competitor's price is below our cost price.
  1. Do you have an example of how you would refund 100% of the difference?

If you wanted to buy Product A for £10 and identified a competitor offering the same product for £9 (and subject to all of the terms listed above) then we will refund the difference. In this example that would be £1.00.

Our Customer Care Team is available on 0800 316 3876, Monday to Friday, 9am-5:30pm or you can contact us online at any time.