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What type of stapler do I need?

Whether you need a half strip or full strip stapler check our guide. Perhaps you want a long arm staple or just need to know what staples fit your stapler, it's all here. Staplers come in different shapes and sizes so finding the right stapler for you, or your office, can be a difficult task. Below is Euroffice’s guide to the type of staplers you may need for your work.


Full Strip Staplers

Standard desktop staplers are usually full strip staplers. These staplers can be loaded with an entire strip of staples (hence the name!) and typically have a stapling capacity of between 20 to 50 sheets of 80gsm paper. Perfect for everyday use, full strip staplers are designed to be used on a flat surface.


Half Strip Staplers

Similar to full strip staplers but half the size, half strip staplers are great for light duty use within the office and will have a stapling capacity of between 15 and 30 sheets of 80gsm paper. They hold half a strip of staples and are also designed to be used on a flat surface like a desk or worktop.


Mini Staplers

For a portable stapling solution look no further than a mini stapler. Designed for light duty use, these staplers will fit easily into a briefcase, bag or pocket so you can keep documents in order while out of the office. You can staple between 10 to 20 sheets of printer paper together quickly and easily.


Vertical Staplers

If you’re looking for something a little different try a vertical stapler. These staplers usually sit in a stand and allow you to grip the stapler like a handle and punch staples whilst holding the paper up. Sat next to the office printer, a vertical stapler can be ideal for busy office environments.


Long Arm Staplers

For stapling larger documents, project folders, magazines or scrapbooks we recommend using a long arm stapler. Also known as long reach staplers, you’ll be able to staple sheets of paper further from the edge than is possible with standard desktop documents – usually up to 32cm.


Heavy Duty Staplers

Heavy duty staplers are purpose-built for high usage office environments where large quantities of paper need to be stapled together. These industrial staplers have a tough metal construction and feature extra-long arms to enable the user to apply maximum force for stapling thick documents or booklets. You can staple between 100 to 250 sheets of 80gsm paper with a heavy duty stapler.


Electric Staplers

Electric staplers use automated stapling mechanisms that will staple materials without the need to apply force manually. They are ideal for offices with high volume stapling requirements because they can staple large quantities of material quickly and with minimum effort. Basic versions can staple up to 30 sheets of printer paper while heavy duty ones have a capacity of up to 100 sheets. Some electric staplers also have the ability to staple in multiple ways – side, corner and saddle stapling.


Stapling Pliers

Stapling pliers are ideal for moderate to heavy duty continuous usage. Perfect for office mailrooms, they use handheld operating mechanisms to give a more secure fastening action and are ideal for securing padded envelopes and packages. Stapling pliers can also staple cartons and large reports.


Staple Guns

Staple guns or tackers are handheld staplers that are designed for tacking fabric, posters and canvas to baseboards or display boards. They can also be used to tack leather and in some instances carpet. Featuring a spring loaded mechanism to provide the necessary force needed to drive the staples into board, staple guns can be operated with a single hand so are easy to use.


What type of staples do I need for my stapler?

Euroffice’s compatibility guide below will help you find the right staples for your stapler.


Staple sizes are usually displayed as two numbers split with a forward slash i.e. 26/6 or 10/5

  • The first number indicates in the gauge of wire used in mm
  • The second number indicates the depth of the leg in mm (also known as the shank length)
  • So 26/6 means the staple has a 26mm gauge and a 6mm shank length


It’s important to use the right staple as using the wrong staple may mean that paper is not properly stapled together and may also cause long-term damage to your stapler.


Standard desktop full strip or half strip staplers usually use a 26/6 sized staple and you’ll usually be able to use any brand of staple with these staplers. For non-standard staplers, like heavy duty and electric staplers, we recommend that you check your stapler instructions before purchase.

How many sheets of paper can my stapler staple?

The number of sheets of paper a stapler can staple will depend on the type of stapler.


Standard full strip staplers will staple together between 20 to 50 sheets of 80gsm paper at once. Half strip and mini staplers have a stapling capacity of around 10 to 30 sheets of 80gsm paper.


Euroffice’s heavy duty staplers or staple guns will be able to staple between 100 and 250 sheets of standard printer paper together and will also be able to staple heavier material such as cardboard.

Do I need to use the same brand of staples as my stapler?

Generally for full strip, half strip and mini staplers you’ll be able to use any brand of staples as long as you use the correct size. To check what size of staple you need please refer to our guide above.


For heavy duty and electric staplers, stapling pliers or staple guns you may require specialist staples but again as long as they’re the correct size they may not need to be brand specific. For these type of staplers, please check with your stapler’s original instructions for guidance on replacement staples.

How do I remove staples?

You can remove staples from paper by using a staple remover.


At Euroffice we offer three types of staple remover – pincer, heavy duty and lever. Pincer removers are a great everyday office tool and are designed to remove staples from folders and files. However if you use them on single sheets of paper they tend to damage the paper as the staple is removed.


Lever style removers, also known as slide staple removers, are better for removing staples from one or two sheets of paper or from delicate documents. They’re easy to use and slide under the staple to remove them without damaging the paper underneath.


For removing staples from cardboard, wooden crates or plastic boxes, you’ll need a more heavy duty staple remover that is made from metal and is robust enough to remove larger staples.