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Buyers Guides & Videos - Office Seating



Office seating

These days people spend more and more time on a chair. If you sit at a desk to work or use a computer, having a comfortable and supportive office chair is crucial.

The main requirements for good seating are that, circulation in the thighs is not restricted, the posture requires little muscular effort to maintain, the stress on your back is minimised and maintains the natural S-shape of the spine without the need for muscular tension.

  The longer you’re using the chair, the more adjustable features you’ll need. All the adjustments should be within easy reach and you should be able to operate them, while seated, with minimal effort, and lumbar support is essential if you’re going to use the chair for long periods.

Features to look out for:

  • Seat Height: This is the most important feature and must be adjustable. Your feet should rest flat on the floor without compressing the back of your thighs; otherwise you’ll restrict blood supply to your lower legs and feet – resulting in tired and possibly numb legs.
  • Seat Depth: If the seat depth isn’t adjustable, it should at least allow you to sit right at the back of the chair without pressing the backs of your knees. You need to sit right at the back of the chair to use the backrest correctly and support your lumbar.
  • Backrest/Lumbar Support: It’s essential that the chair has a backrest with an appropriate size and shape, to support the lower and middle back properly without restricting arm or shoulder movements. The backrest should help you to maintain the natural S-shape of your spine when you’re sitting.
  • Backrest Tilt: Tilting the backrest allows you to adopt different postures. Opening up more of the angle between your body and thighs lets you breathe better.
  • Armrests: If you’re going to spend some time in the chair, you need to support the weight of your arms, for extended use, they should adjust.
  • Swivel: This is also a very important feature. When you’re working, you may need to reach other parts of the table or desk. If the chair doesn’t swivel, you may have to frequently twist to reach, not good for your back.
  • Seat Surfaces: The seat, armrest and backrest should be padded firmly enough to support you, but be comfortable enough for you not to feel pressure points, or the hardness of the chair frame on the base of the two prongs of your pelvis. The upholstery should be permeable so that the seat can breathe and minimise the build up of heat on the seat. 


Chair Mats

Safeguard your surfaces! Chair mats from Euroffice are ideal for protecting and maintaining floor finishes in the office and at home. Our range includes quality products from Cleartex, 5 Star, Ecotex, and Floortex in a variety of shapes to fit your work area and sizes up to 1200 by 1500mm. We have products manufactured from transparent PVC and polycarbonates that can be non slip and anti static that are specifically designed to protect carpets or hard flooring, preserving surface from damaging wear and tear, as well as allowing the decoration to show through.

Executive Chairs

Command and control in comfort! Euroffice can supply stylish, sumptuous, high quality executive and manager’s chairs to keep you comfortable throughout the day. Our professional range from Trexus, Influx, Adroit and Milot includes products with high backs, swivels and adjustability, in a variety of designs and stylish, hard wearing fabrics including supple leather, providing multi dimensional support to help keep you fresh and ready for the next challenge.

Folding Chairs

Now you see them! Folding chairs from Euroffice are a great stand by for when you need extra seating. Our folding chairs from Trexus measure W400 x H430mm, are packed in pairs and available in black or silver, being suitable for occasional use only, they pack away quickly and easily, taking up very little space. Now you don't!

Indoor Benches

Understated and timeless!  With a great choice of indoor benches from Trexus, Euroffice can supply practical, comfortable, hardwearing seating systems to withstand the rigorous demands of schools, gyms, colleges and fitness establishments. This range delivers excellent value for money and includes, double sided benches with hook bars above, available in 2000 or 1500mm widths as well as and single sided versions with the same dimensions. We also have normal benches in single or double variations measuring 1000, 1500, and 2000mm in width.

Industrial Chairs

Formidable form and function! Strong, practical and stylish industrial chairs from Euroffice will provide the correct support for all day comfort. We have products from Metalliform, Trexus and Prema that includes adjustable factory, laboratory and draughtsman’s high rise chairs with footrests, ideal for use at higher benches and drawing boards. Available with hardwearing fabric upholstery or moulded plastic seats, these chairs provide a full range of personal adjustments, and are also perfect for lecturing, reception and cashier duties.

Office Chairs

Another day at the office! Never mind, Euroffice will supply you with the perfect operator, task, or office chair to suit your exact requirements and help ease the process. We have a massive choice of seating from brands such as Trexus, Influx, Vantage and Sonix in a fantastic range of colours, styles, hardwearing materials and sizes, with headrests, high backs, armrests and gas lifts, all to deliver the posture, support and adjustment you require for a happy, comfortable and productive time at your desk or workstation.

 Posture Chairs

Promote perfect posture! We spend hours every day at our desks and an ergonomic chair from Euroffice will encourage a good seating position, maintaining the inward curve of the lumbar region, allowing you to stay comfortable for long work periods.  We have an excellent range of posture chairs in a variety of colours and hardwearing fabrics from, Influx, Sonix, and Trexus, employing features such as waterfall seats, kidney shaping, asynchronous tilt and inflatable lumbar supports to boost long-term health benefits that users of standard office chairs will miss. Our ergonomic chairs also offer an orthopaedic solution for those suffering from existing musculoskeletal and spinal problems.

Seating Accessories

Get the support you need! Euroffice can do more than supply the perfect seating; we also have a great choice of products from Fellowes, Sonix and Trexus to assist with comfort and posture. Our range includes back supports and lumbar cushions, as well as rests, lifts and rockers for the feet, not forgetting fixed and adjustable chair arms, all to help with well being and ease discomfort while you are at work.

Stacking Chairs

One on top of the other! Stacking chairs from Euroffice in a terrific selection of materials, striking colours and sizes that cover 31 to 46cm seat height, will provide the ideal space saving seating across all applications. With stacking products from Trexus and Metalliform you can choose from polypropylene or upholstered seats, arms for comfort, hard wearing steel, and stylish wood framed chairs, all with great comfort and support. We can supply the perfect seating solution for reception areas, classrooms, canteens and community halls.


Go up in the world! Euroffice keeps a great supply of high stools which can include backrests, upholstered seats and foot bars, ideal for kitchens, bars, bistros and coffee shops. For classrooms we have robust stools with coloured polypropylene seats covering heights of 395, 445, 560 and 685mm to cater for all age groups, and are able to withstand the toughest environments. Our range includes products from Metalliform and Trexus where some items are available with wooden seats, foot supports and can be stackable to save storage space. We also have versatile lab stools and steel framed, kneeling office chairs on castors with gas lift seats.