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Choosing the right furniture to create a favourable impression of your business can be challenging.  Most of all you will be looking to combine both functionality and style to complement your company’s attributes. From brands such as Sonix, Metro, Trexus and Adroit, Euroffice have put together an impressive range of boardroom, conference, and meeting tables. When planning, furnishing or refurbishing boardrooms, conference and meeting spaces, it is important to measure the available area and check the sizes of furniture, configuration required, and the number of people you need to accommodate comfortably. Table size will be determined by the type of seating you choose, but the general rule is to allow 70cm – 90cm per person. 70cm might be slightly tight, but should be tolerable if space is limited and you need to fit in a few more places.


Boardroom & Conference Tables

This is where the critical decisions are made! Euroffice can help you choose the perfect boardroom or conference layout to suit your own style, budget and space from brands such as Concerto, Trexus and Adroit. We have square, D-end, oval and rectangle tables measuring 1800 to 2200mm in width, with a stock of coordinating end and mid sections for versatility. Round tables are available in 900 and 1200mm diameters. Our brilliant range of tables are available in a wide range of finishes including Maple, Beech, Oak, Cherry and Walnut, and can be complimented with with pillar, post or panel legs to suit your preference, and all manufactured with expert craftsmanship in quality materials.


Meeting Tables

Now gather round! Euroffice keeps a great range of simple, practical meeting and office tables, ideal for use in any environment. We can supply products from Trexus and Sonix in a range of sizes that include 750mm square, up to 1800mm wide, all available with attractive and durable, Maple, Oak or Beech finishes to compliment most decors. Being modular in design our tables can be supplied in a variety of shapes, so can be arranged in a configuration to suit your requirements. For flexibility we also have 700 and 1200mm wide, height adjustable tables.


Folding Tables

Super space saving solution! Euroffice has a great selection of multi use, folding and flip top tables to help with a wide spectrum of applications, such as special events, shows, and meetings. They are available in sizes up to 1600mm wide, with durable finishes that include Maple, Oak and Beech. Our range includes tables from Trexus and Sonix that are simple to fold away and store after use where space is a premium, they are also available in half moon and trapezoidal formats to allow a variety of shapes and configurations to be created.


Round Tables

We are all important! Wherever you gather, in the office, conference/ meeting rooms or breakout areas, a round table from Euroffice will make sure everyone can be noticed, forming a perfect hub to listen to and share information. We have products from Adroit, Sonix and Trexus in a range of sizes that include 900, 1100 and 1200mm in diameter, with great looking and durable Cherry, Maple, Oak and Beech finishes to enhance the decor and make the most of available space, helping to host the most dynamic exchanges.


Stacking Tables

Function and economy! Euroffice can help you with space saving, easy stackable tables, ideal where storage space is restricted, and a great solution for the classroom, reception, office and a whole host of hospitality uses. Our value range of tables, that includes products from Trexus are available from 600mm square to 1800mm wide, as well ‘D’ and trapezoid shapes, perfect for any purpose or configuration that you require, all in an attractive hard wearing Beech finish.



Every office is different, the space available is different, the procedures different, and the products of work different. Efficiency is essential to the operation of all offices as the less time spent looking for important items, retrieving documents, or organising workspace, the more time there is for more productive areas of business. Optimising office space is especially important and Euroffice can help with a great range of desks to create your personal domain, making you comfortable and happy to be at work.


Executive Desks

The control centre! With furniture from Largo, Adroit and Concerto Euroffice will help you choose an executive desk where you can command and moderate your business empire.  Available in magnificent Walnut, Cherry, Oak and Beech finishes, you can choose between 1200 and 1800mm wide, rectangular or bow fronted versions as well as left and right hand pedestal desks, providing you with a premium workspace that has the perfect combination of size, style and functionality.


Rectangular Desks

This is my space! At Euroffice you can choose from a fantastic range of popular rectangular desks to help create your own personal workstation. We have products by Trexus, Metro, Adroit, Largo and Sonix in a variety of sizes that will surely fit your space, from 754 up to 1800mm wide, with attractive Beech, Oak, Cherry, Maple and Walnut finishes complimenting any decor. We can supply desks with cantilever or straight legs that can include modesty or end panels for privacy, as well as pedestals and drawers in any configuration, combination and orientation to suit all your requirements.


Corner Desks

Ideal where space is a premium! Corner and Radial desks from Euroffice will help maximise the floor area available in your office. We have left or right handed as well as even sided products from Trexus, Sonix and Metro, either cantilevered or with end panels and can include pedestal drawer units to fit. Available in comprehensive range of sizes from 1600 to 1800mm with Beech, Oak, Walnut and Maple finishes we are sure to have a desk to compliment your space and decor. If space allows, a modern idea is to group 4 corner or radial units together with Euroffice desk accessories, to create a multi desk workstation.


Wave Desks

Maximise your workspace! You spend a large portion of your life at work, so an attractive wave desk from Euroffice could add that touch more space to create your own ideal, inspiring workstation. With the larger wave section being on the left or right to suit your orientation, we have 1200, 1400, and 1600mm widths, delivering a comfortable working environment that is essential to your well-being and occupational performance. Our range of wave desks from Trexus, Largo, and Sonix are available in Oak, Beech, Walnut and Maple finishes coordinating with your office decor.

Desk Accessories

Personalise your position! Euroffice can help customise your work space giving it that individual touch. We have products from Fellowes, Sonix, Trexus, and Metro to assist with items like cable management, or could add a keyboard manager and mouse tray for versatility and comfort, or install a 980mm return unit in Oak, Maple or Beech finish to extend your desktop. We can also supply a reception corner desk riser finished in silver and Beech.

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