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What type of label do I need?

As there’s a huge range of different labels available it’s worth thinking about where you’re going to use your labels before purchasing them. Labels are available for addresses on letters and parcels, for organising your files, for pricing items or for labelling your office equipment and we’ve outlined all the labels available at Euroffice below to help you find the right ones for your office.


Address Labels

Address labels are typically rectangular in shape and are available in a range of different sizes. Labels from Avery or 5 Star are suitable for handwriting or printing addresses. When printing, labels can be created using included software or Word templates and then printed from your office printer. Avery also tests its labels to make sure there are no problems with alignment or jamming when printing.

These self-adhesive labels start from one label per sheet through a range of different sizes up to 220 labels per sheet with the most popular sizes being between 10 and 24 labels per sheet. Avery also offers specially sized Smartstamp labels for Royal Mail's Smartstamp online postage system.


Rectangular address labels are also available for use in label printers from Dymo and Brother. Dymo address labels are specifically designed for Dymo label printers as these desktop machines print out individual labels directly from your computer via USB. For Brother label makers there is a similar range of specific Brother address labels available in different sizes.


Filing Labels

The importance of a good filing system should never be underestimated. One way to organise your files and keep them organised is to invest in additional filing labels. There are adhesive labels for box files, lever arch files and suspension files in a range of different sizes at Euroffice.


Spine labels from Avery and Dymo are available for lever arch folders, ring binders and box files to update or replace existing labels. These labels are designed to be completely opaque so will conceal old text while the strong adhesive will stop the label from falling off. Dymo also offers suspension file labels that allow you to print out small yet clear text using one of their label printers.


One of the benefits of filing labels is that you can create custom labels on your computer and have them typed out rather than handwritten. By printing labels you can include anything from basic text to company logos and this means that labels are easier to read and look more professional.


Mini Labels

Clear and white mini labels can be used for return addressing, small item labelling and barcoding while yellow mini labels are more commonly used for labelling data storage media. Mini labels are available in five different sizes from 17.8mm x 10mm to 45.7mm to 25.4mm and can be handwritten or printed depending on their use. However as these labels are generally not compatible with both inkjet and laser printers please make sure the labels you get are suitable for your type of printer.


CD, DVD & Media Labels

CD and DVD labels are designed to cover the full face of the CD or DVD apart from the hole in the middle and the small transparent ring that surrounds it so you can easily create professional looking imagery for your blank CDs and DVDs. These labels come in different sizes and in versions that are compatible with inkjet and laser printers, inkjet printers only and laser printers only.


Video labels that can be stuck along the spine of your video tapes are also available as well as 3.5 inch disk labels, 35mm film slide labels and square QR code labels.


Multipurpose Labels

As their name suggests, multipurpose labels are designed to be used on a variety of different items and surfaces. They are usually available in circular, rectangular and square shapes in a wide selection of colours and sizes. Avery provide the best range of multipurpose labels that can be used to label shelves, cupboards, folders, office furniture, electrical equipment and more. For more flexible labels, there are colourful Post-it label rolls that are great for labelling non-flat surfaces.


Many manufacturers provide free software and Microsoft Word templates that allow you to create custom labels that can be printed from your office printer. Using these templates helps to reduce waste and helps to deliver high quality and professional looking labels. Information on where to get software and templates can be found on each label pack or on the manufacturer’s website.


Before printing it’s also best to check which type of printer your labels can be used in – inkjet, laser or both. Each pack of labels and Euroffice’s item descriptions will specify this information. If you’re printing a large quantity of labels or are concerned about the layout, it’s advisable to do a one-page test run on printer paper first. Once tested, simply put a sheet of labels into your printer and print. 

Labels for label printers are usually specific for each brand so we recommend purchasing labels by the same brand as your label printer. Dymo, Brother and Epson all manufacture label printers as well as a large range of labels for them including address labels, label tapes and multipurpose labels.


Individual Labels

Typically label printers use rolls of individual labels or continuous feed labels. Label rolls are easy to insert into label printers and allow you to print one label or hundreds without worrying about sheet label jams, layouts and waste. Rolls are available for address, multipurpose and filing labels.


Label Tapes

Label tapes are ideal for applying labels or messages onto non-flat surfaces thanks to their versatility and hard-wearing construction. In particular the Dymo Rhino range is used for labelling industrial items that are affected by abrasion, different temperatures, chemicals, solvents and UV.


For labelling in office or home try using the Dymo Letratag colourful and easy-to-use label tapes or the Dymo D1 tapes for the Dymo LabelManager and Dymo LabelPoint machines.


For Brother P-touch label printers, Brother TZE label tapes are laminated tapes (black on clear) that consist of six layers of materials which delivers thin yet extremely strong labels. Labels are printed with thermal transfer ink onto the underside of a laminate and are sandwiched between two layers of PET (polyethylene) film so the printed text is virtually indestructible.


For other Brother label makers there’s a range of label tapes in a variety of sizes at Euroffice so you’ll be able to find the correct label tapes for your Brother label printer.

Which labels are suitable for use in retail stores?

Pricing and point of sale labels are used to price items and display promotions within retail stores.





Price Labels

Manual price labels come in a selection of different shapes and sizes from standard rectangular and round labels to special offer, star and flash labels. These labels can be written on easily and will stick securely to items but can be easily removed without leaving any residue or damage.


Rolls of pricing labels for Avery labelling guns are available in white or yellow with both versions also including security cuts to prevent ticket switching. These labels are designed to be loaded quickly and easily into label guns and be set up for use on a number of different products.


Point of Sale Labels

Point of sale labels are used for a number of different purposes including packaging and marketing materials, brand promotions or store information. Labels are available for use internally or externally and come in a range of different shapes, sizes and colours.  By using the included software to create custom POS labels, you can easily give your items or retail store a consistent branded look.


Tagging Guns & Labelling Guns

Tagging guns and labelling guns are suitable for use in retail stores, supermarkets or warehouses as they provide a reliable yet cost effective method of labelling items. Tagging guns are predominately used to quickly and efficiently attach plastic tags or fasteners to clothing and textile items.


Labelling guns are used to price, code or date large quantities of items particularly in supermarkets and grocery stores because they can print pound, euro and percentage signs. Thanks to their robust and lightweight design as well as their versatility, labelling guns are generally easy to use too.

Anti-tamper and tamper-proof labels are specifically designed for security purposes. Once removed, anti-tamper labels can’t be reapplied and leave a printed “STOP” message to show when unwanted interference has taken place. Ideal for sealing CD cases, electronics, computers and jewellery boxes, these labels are designed to last and can be used in most laser printers


Tamper-proof labels are used for security identification purposes but are also virtually impossible to remove. If an attempt to remove the label is made, the material disintegrates and so immediately shows when someone has tampered with it. These labels are also oil, dirt and temperature resistant as well as waterproof and tearproof so are perfect for labelling computer equipment like laptops, screens, CPUs, printers and other electronics that will be used for long periods of time.

Avery is the biggest manufacturer of labels in the UK and offers a huge range of labels from address and filing labels to pricing and security labels. Additionally if you need help creating labels, Avery provides free software and World templates for each of their labels to make printing them easy.


5 Star are another brand that offers a good selection of address and multipurpose labels that can be used in inkjet and laser printers. Dymo and Brother supply labels for their own labelprinters and they also provide software that can be used to create and print any type of label.