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Ink & Toner Recycling

Each year, more than 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown away as scrap. Euroffice take our environmental responsibilities seriously and we encourage our customers to recycle their empty printer cartridges. When empty, supplies are returned through a cartridge recycling programme it helps divert thousands of tonnes of waste from landfill; reducing the impact on the environment and promoting sustainability. Need replacement ink & toner cartridges?
Explore our wide range of available ink & toner cartridges from leading brands including HP, Brother, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Xerox, Samsung and more.

Ink Cartridges & Toners Cartridge Recycling

HP Logo

HP Planet Partners return and recycling program enables simple, convenient recycling of original HP inkjet and laserJet supplies, you can recycle your HP ink and toner supplies with HP Planet Partners, so they become new products and don’t end up in oceans or landfills.

Please note: only genuine HP and Samsung supplies are eligible for this recycling programme.

Mail it back: Order postage-paid envelopes or labels to return HP ink and toner cartridges or Samsung toner cartridges. Order by post here.

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Brother Logo

The process is quick, easy and free. Simply select the service requirements from the options below according to the number of empty cartridges. Brother assures absolutely nothing goes to landfill and any empty cartridge they cannot reuse will be recycled, resulting in a sustainable circular economy. Please note: only genuine Brother supplies are eligible for this recycling programme.

Recycling Brother toner cartridges:

  • 4 or less toner cartridges to recycle? Download label here.
  • Between 4 and 12 toner cartridges to recycle? Order a box here.
  • More than 12 toner cartridges to recycle? Order a box or request a collection here.
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    Canon Logo

    Canon’s cartridge recycling programme provides a free, easy and environmentally responsible way to recycle empty Canon cartridges. Canon is committed to a no waste to landfill policy. Each element of every returned cartridge is reused or recycled – be it as a component in a new cartridge, as a base material in other industries, or as a substitute for fossil fuels. No part of the cartridge is sent to landfill. Please note: only genuine Canon supplies are eligible for this recycling programme.

    Recycling Canon toner cartridges:
    Less than 10 Canon toner cartridges to return? The single cartridge return programme enables you send up to 10 genuine Canon toner cartridges for recycling free of charge using a postal system. Register and request here.
    10 or more Canon toner cartridges to return? Once registered for the programme the user will be able to request up to 2 return boxes to send cartridges in bulk. Register and request here.

    Recycling Canon Pixmas ink cartridges:
    You can print Canon’s freepost label, cut and apply to the packaging with their eligible empty Canon ink cartridges inside, they then simply seal and put them in the post.
    Check eligible cartridges here.
    Download freepost returns label here.

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    Epson Logo

    Following Epson’s philosophy towards recycling “To conserve valuable environmental resources and reduce waste we aim to collect and recycle as many products and supplies as possible”. Epson has established the collection and recycling programs for cartridges. The programmes consist of single return (via postal) and bulk return (via box collection programme). Please note: only genuine Epson supplies are eligible for this recycling programme.

    Recycling Epson toner cartridges:
    1 – 10 Epson laser printers – The customer will receive return postal labels specific to their country after entering their details. The customer must print and place this return label on the box and mail it via their regular postal system network system. Order a returns label here.
    10+ Epson laser printers – Log in or create a new account to order empty collection boxes or to request a collection of full boxes. Login or register here.

    Recycling Epson ink cartridges:
    1 – 10 Epson inkjet printers – For each request, Espon will send four free-post return envelopes. Each envelope can hold 1-2 used cartridges.
    Sign up and order free-post return envelopes via Epson Inkjet program here.

    10+ Epson inkjet printers Log in or create a new account to order empty collection boxes or to request a collection of full boxes here.

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    Lexmark Logo

    Lexmark offers an award-winning cartridge collection programme (LCCP) to help recycle and remanufacture Lexmark supplies. LCCP combines high-performance logistics and service with innovative tools to offer a collection, recycling and reuse process that’s modern, efficient and ideally adapted to consumption volumes.

    Please note: only genuine Lexmark supplies are eligible for this recycling programme.

    Lexmark reuse and recycling options:
    For individuals using their printer at home. Order your postal box here.
    For companies and other organisations printing in a professional environment. Order your container here.

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    Xerox Logo

    Xerox is committed to responsible and environmental business practices. The Xerox Green World Alliance is a valuable recycling programme that minimses environmental impacts of printer supplies and provides options to throwing away empty containers.

    Please note: only genuine Xerox supplies are eligible for this recycling programme.

    Recycling genuine Xerox supplies:
    Xerox offer single-item returns for if you have 5 or less empty cartridges that need recycling. If you have more than 5 items to return, we recommend the Xerox eco-box option. Submit a return label request or request a pick-up of empty cartridges here.