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Pest-Stop Electronic Mouse Killer 


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Full instructions for use are provided on each box.
For indoor use in homes, sheds, garages and agricultural buildings etc against mice, not for use outdoors, unit must be kept dry at all times.
1. Insert trap bait or peanut butter on the unit's inside back wall.2. Insert 4 X AA batteries into the battery compartment.3. Identify location with mouse activity and place a trap every 2- 3 meters against a wall or cupoard as mice like to travel along walls.4. When placing the trap against a wall ensure that the tunnel opeing is placed closest to the wall to ensure maximum effectiveness.5. Turn the switch to the on position (-), green indicator light will flash once confirming that the unit has been activated.
When indicator light flashes green you have caught a mouse, switch off the unit and dispose of mouse, then to reset the trap repeat steps 1-5.
Pest-Stop Electronic Mouse Killer has a slim, ergonomic design, allowing it to be easily placed under kitchen cupboards, under floors and in other hard-to-reach places, making it ideal for domestic use in eradicating mouse infestations quickly and humanely.
L = 150mm / 6”, W = 75mm / 3”, H = 45mm / 1 3/4”.
Require 4 X AA batteries not included, unit will kill up to 50 mice on one set of good quality batteries.
Indicator light will blink red when batteries need replacing.
Unique tunnel design engineered to prevent mouse from escaping and to mitigate the risk of shock to humans
Indicator light flashes green for 24 hours after a mouse has been trapped and killed.
For indoor use only against mice, not suitable for use against rats.


Brand Pest-Stop
Pack Size 1
(£56.99 Incl. VAT )
£ 47.49
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