Green is the new black. For desktop accessories, anyway

Saving the planet is cool. (Destroying planets is cooler, but not everyone has the time to be an intergalactic space villain.)

Sorry. As I was saying, saving the planet is cool. So, if you can help save the planet and make your office life a bit easier, all the better, eh?

Fellowes, the office stationery and desktop supplies company, have a greener range of office products called the Fellowes Earth desktop accessories range. These products are made out of 100% recycled, compressed, fibreboard that’s sourced from waste material in saw mills.

There are all sorts of lovely things for your office desk from this range, including Fellowes Earth desk organisers, these come as little flat pack kits and are really easy to assemble using the supplied rubber rings which are made from old car tyres.

There are also the Fellowes Earth Magazine Files and multi-letter trays. These products are both also self-assembly and use the same pop together using the rubber rings which, apparently, are patented and made from recycled tyres.

(In my head I imagine they’re tyres from fighter jets or the space shuttle, but that’s unlikely.)

So, if you need some desk accessories for the office, go a little green – in a good way – and get yourself something from the Fellowes Earth range. And as a little gift for your conscientiousness, we’re

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