6 Non-Alcoholic Ways To Enjoy St Patrick’s Day In The Office

St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday this year so you may not want to celebrate in traditional style (i.e. with Guinness). Monday is after all a weeknight and if you go out to celebrate it can make for a really long week if you’ve had a late night and are suffering the next morning. But there are plenty of other ways you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day that don’t involve drinking your body weight in green beer.


1. Enjoy a herbal tea or smoothie

Enjoy a herbal tea or smoothie


There are plenty of green drinks you can have during the day that don’t contain alcohol. Start your day with a herbal tea (we’re thinking a green tea or a peppermint tea) or whip up a smoothie that is as green as the Emerald Isle itself. Try making some of the smoothies from the links below.


Green smoothie recipes


2. Wear something green

Wear something green


While we don’t recommend you wear a “Kiss me, I’m Irish” t-shirt in formal offices you could wear a green tie, a green jumper or, if you have them in your wardrobe, a green pair of trousers. One of the traditions on St. Patrick’s Day is to pinch anyone that’s not wearing green so it’s best to be prepared!



3. Use Irish sayings & phrases

Use Irish sayings & phrases


It’ll be easier to master the Irish lingo when you’re sober than after a few pints of the black stuff. To start you off with an easy one, Ireland’s most famous phrase is “What’s the craic?” which basically means “How’s it going?”. “Craic” can also be used to describe how an event was i.e. “Last night was great craic” meaning it was a good party. For more Irish phrases and their meanings click on the link below.


35 Irish Sayings & Phrases


4. Eat traditional Irish dishes

Eat traditional Irish dishes


If “you are what you eat” then surely eating Irish food is a good way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Bring a traditional Irish dish into the office and watch your colleagues eye your lunch with jealousy. To find the perfect dish, check out our selection of recipes below.


Irish potato bread

Irish stew

More Irish dishes


5. Listen to Irish music

Listen to Irish music


Ireland and music go together like bread and butter (you don’t win the Eurovision Song Contest seven times without knowing a little something about music!). Bands like U2, Boyzone, The Cranberries and My Bloody Valentine have all come from Ireland and there’s always been a great Irish folk scene that has produced songs like Danny Boy and When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. If your office allows music to be played then why not create a playlist of Irish songs and bands.



6. Use green office stationery

Use green office stationery


It’s not just your office clothes that can be green on St. Patrick’s Day – all your office stationery can be green too. Write your notes in green ink, print your documents onto green paper and store files in a green folder. Not only will you show your office colleagues that you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style but you’ll stand out from the boring black, grey or white stationery everyone else uses.


Green office stationery


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