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T Cards

T-Cards are great products for planning out workload and jobs for small businesses as the T-Card system can sit on the wall in a centrally located place and has the work divided up by each person on the cards so everyone can see what each others tasks and responsibilities are. T-Cards are manufactured by 2 main brands;

Firstly there are Nobo T Cards, who have a wide range of T Card kits, T Card slots, T-Card linking bars and of course the actual T-Cards themselves.

The typical T-Card kits contains:

• Slotted panels
• Slotted index panel
• Card holders for spare card storage
• Backboard incorporating tracking
• Assorted colours and white T-cards
• Metal construction for extra durability
• Fixing kit supplied - adhesive pads, hooks and screws for a choice of fitting

and comes in a few different sizes, one with 7 columns which is 48cm x 48cm and one with 14 columns which is 80cm x 73cm.

We also stock a Nobo T-Card planner board that comes with 5 columns and also a magnetic drywipe board built in to the side for notes that relate to the jobs planned on the T cards.

The T-Cards themselves come in a wide range of different sized packs as well as in different colours. All of the Nobo products are well priced and great quality - you will not go wrong with this range.

Secondly there are Sasco T Cards this collection of products is much smaller than the nobo selection as they do not sell sets of Tcards seperately - only in the sets. Sasco sell a broad range of T-Card slot indexes and also the attaching bars as well as the sets; all of the products are well priced and are high in quality.

The Sasco T-Card kit (pictured above) is one of our recommended products - the kit includes;

• Kit covers seven people, projects or activities
• Contains seven size 2 panels, one size 1 index panel, link bars with title index strips and wall fixings
• Supplied with 700 assorted size 2 T-cards and 100 white size 1 index T-cards
• WxDxH: 475x15x490mm

This is also a great product at a superb price. The only thing that seperates these two suppliers is the flexibility of the Nobo T Card range.

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