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Suspension File Sizes

filling sizes

The measurements above are for a 5 Star Suspension file, other brands may vary.

These two sizes were created in response to the two key sizes used across the board in all filing systems. The exact dimensions are as follows;

A4 Suspension Files

The width of the file and bar is 350mm
300mm is the width of the card.
The height of the whole file and bar is 240mm
230mm is the height of the card.

Foolscap Suspension Files
The width of the file and bar is 407mm
360mm is the width of the card.
The height of the whole file and bar is 240mm
230mm is the height of the card.

Suspension files are a convenient in-draw (or trolley) filing system providing storage and easy access to documents. A suspension file system consists of folder style files which have an open end at the top. Files are suspended from two parallel runners by hooks protruding horizontally from the top corners of each file. Several files can be suspended from the same runners so they are great space saving products, tabs can then be attached to the top of each file denoting the contents.

There are two main sizes of suspension files; A4 suspension files and Foolscap suspension files. Typically small desk high units and filing cabinets from high street retailers usually take A4 suspension files. The office filing cabinets and larger pedestals from office suppliers like us tend to take foolscap suspension files. Trolleys can take either.

Different suspension files have varying holding capacities. The most compact files are V-base suspension files; these can each hold a maximum thickness of 15mm of documents per file.

For higher capacity requirement you should choose a square base suspension file. Square base files come in 30mm or 50mm capacity sizes.

You will also find both standard suspension files and lateral suspension files. Standard suspension files hang gown from the runners and are accessed from the top so are usually used in pedestal drawers and smaller filing cabinets as well as with trolleys.

However if you have a large filing cabinet that has suspension files above chest height then you should buy lateral suspension files as they are accessible from the side and have the tabs and labels that sit on the side too for easy reference.

Comments customers have added

A paragraph on clipping the suspension files together to avoid documents falling between would be very useful, as finding one of this sort is difficult.

Many thanks

David Robson - 29 December 2009
Exstremely lucid and very helpful information . Thank you.
brian - 10 February 2012
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Suspension File Materials & Brands

Suspension files come in a range of materials and are produced by many different brands - this guide will help to guide you through the key differences.

The most common products are manilla suspension files - these are strong and very cost effective, especially when bought in large packs. They usually come with the tabs and card inserts provided - you can check this on the product description.

There are also a large number of plastic suspension files which are extremelly strong as they are manufactured from polypropylene and will weather better than the manilla suspension files, this is however reflected in the prices. The products come in a range of colours and are available in both v-base and square base plastic suspension files.


Our range of Esselte suspension files are made from enhanced strength kraft paper which is like a thick manilla material. The material is extremelly difficult to rip - we have tried! They also have a wrap over bar designed to protect fingers from cuts and scratches.

The largest supplier of suspension files is Twinlock. Twinlock suspension files come in manilla and polypropylene and also they have both vertical and lateral suspension files. Twinlock suspension files also come in a range of colours and sizes (mainly A4 and Foolscap) and they also do both square base files and v-bottom suspension files.

Rexel Crystalfile suspension files are predominantly made from polypropylene and are a great specialist range of suspension files. They come in both square base and v-base forms. They come with the plastic tabs and little cards included. The square base files can each hold up to 150 sheets of paper. The Rexel Crystalfile range are high quality products and are therefore priced accordingly. if you are looking fo a good budget option then our 5 Star range should meet your needs nicely.

Comments customers have added

I have two filing drawers. The width between rails of one is 330mm and the other is 390mm. Neither A4 nor foolscap appear to be correct so how can I purchase files?
susan durie - 13 July 2010
Hi Susan
A4 suspension files are designed for rails that are set 320mm to 330mm apart as the actual file is 300mm wide and then the hook that the file hangs on protrudes out about 10-15mm on each side. Foolscap suspension files are designed for hangers that are 380 or 390mm apart so you should be fine with these. When you say that they do not appear to be correct, have you actually tried them? As these should work perfectly for you.
If you have tried and need larger then we do sell suspension files that are made specifically for drawers with a width of 330mm - please go to:,wrp and you will see a wide range of products that will fit your filing cabinet/drawer.
Kind Regards
Joel - 15 July 2010
Do you sell the hardware (hangers) that can be placed in cabinets to hang suspension files from?
lauree - 16 September 2010
Hi Lauree,

We sell filing cabinets, suspension files and suspension file accessories. All suspension files are sealed and pressed by the manufacturer so the metal hangar and outer card are one a one piece mould. If you are referring to suspension file channels which help suspension files to travel more freely although these are highlighted in our Buyers Guide, we are not carrying any of these in stock at the moment. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Tim - 17 September 2010
Why do the tabs that seem to be supplied keep falling off? Are there cardboard tabs that could be stuck on ? Any other ideas please let me know
Elaine Pagan - 16 August 2011

I have a very old filing cabinet, the suspension file would have to be 300mm wide x 150mm high to fit. Do you have suspension files of this size or can you offer an alternative?
Cheryl - 24 September 2011
I'm looking for hanging files that will fit rails that are 31.3mm apart. So far my searches have come up with nothing. Can you point me in the right direction?
Charlesd Aghabi - 18 April 2012
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Video Guides

Watch this short video to get some great tips on which Suspension files are the most popular with Euroffice customers. The range is large and covers everything from the simple budget options to some pretty fancy files so you may find this summary of our range useful.

Take a look at this short video for some great pointers on how to buy suspension files and find the perfect product for you.

Suspension Files

Whatever you use your filing cabinets for, chances are you'll use suspension files to keep those files and A4 paper tidy.