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Euroffice offer an impressive stock of monitors that are ideal for use with standard computers or as presentation screens within boardrooms and receptions. We have the latest technology from space and energy saving LED and LCD monitors to widescreen and adjustable-height monitors. To help you work comfortably our accessories include arms and stands as well as screen filters.

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Stackable Monitor Screen Riser 34mm -100mm Black
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18 September 2013Notebooks versus smartphones

Which is more useful?

I’ve found a neat video by Moleskine where it compares its notebooks to smartphones.  It’s quite funny and nicely done, but it doesn’t address one difference between the two:  people rarely make a big deal about owning a smartphone, but they sometimes make a big deal about owning a Moleskine.  

18 September 2013Canny companies and elderly computers

Make do and mend

With the pace of technological change today, it’s easy for people to think that yesterday’s computer is tomorrow’s doorstop.

18 September 2013Clogged computers and dented cars

Don’t try this at home

If you have desktop PCs at the office, or laptops covered in lunchtime crumbs, get yourself an air duster.  
They’re great for spraying away detritus from keyboards and dislodging fluff from the recesses of computer cases.

Euroffice can meet all of your requirements and specifications for monitors and monitor accessories. We have leading brands available including HP, Samsung, Fellowes and LG.