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Euroffice has a comprehensive range of calculators including printing, financial and scientific calculators. We have calculators that are powered by mains, battery or solar power and we also have calculator accessories such as ink rollers, printer ribbons and mains adaptors.

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Casio Calculator Desktop Battery/Solar-power 8 Digit 4 Key Memory 103x137x31mm Black Ref MS-8TV/MS-8S
RRP £8.23 Save 15%
5 Star Calculator Handheld 8 Digit 3 Key Memory Battery-power W56xD100xH8mm Ref HH8D
RRP £9.20 Save 81%

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28 April 2014Ridiculously Long Terms and Conditions

There's been talk in the office today about unwieldy terms and conditions.  How long is too long?


According to research conducted for Fairer Finance, some banks and car insurers have ridiculously long terms and conditions.  Worst of the bunch, but not by much, were HSBC's with 34,162 words.  Close behind were several insurers who terms ran for more than 30,000 words.  No wonder that 73% of people don't bother reading them at all.

18 September 2013Would you use a Binder Buddy?

Help the aged?

A little while ago we wrote about how Leitz, the company that pioneered the lever arch file, created a ‘soft click’ mechanism for its three-ring binders.

18 September 2013Calculator magic trick

Something doesn't add up

Did you know that there are magic tricks just for calculators? So if you're thinking of buying a new calculator (perhaps a fancy scientific version) for your desk, why not see if you can amaze your office with some amateur magic?

We have calculators from Casio, Sharp, HP and Aurora which are all designed to make adding sums and working out calculations easy. For simple calculations try one of our standard or solar powered calculators and for school or university go for a scientific calculator. Euroffice also has great deals on calculator accessories including ink rollers and ribbons.