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Whatever you are addressing today, Euroffice will surely have the exact envelopes , polythene bags or bubble bags you need. With DL envelopes and C4 envelopes for standard letters,  padded envelopes for protection and board backed envelopes to prevent documents being folded, we have an unequalled online range of envelope sizes, styles and colours at the great prices. 

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Envelopes and bubble bags

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Watch this short video all about envelopes. Every office, home and educational establishment needs envelopes.

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12 May 2014Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone

Can lessons learned at work help our kids during exam time?


Around the country children are sitting their exams and causing much anguish for parents and teachers. Does the workplace have an answer?

28 April 2014Ridiculously Long Terms and Conditions

There's been talk in the office today about unwieldy terms and conditions.  How long is too long?


According to research conducted for Fairer Finance, some banks and car insurers have ridiculously long terms and conditions.  Worst of the bunch, but not by much, were HSBC's with 34,162 words.  Close behind were several insurers who terms ran for more than 30,000 words.  No wonder that 73% of people don't bother reading them at all.

18 September 2013Cash book art

American history on office stationery

If you’re looking for a cash book, we have a range of types on offer.  From classic Black n' Red casebound models  and Challenge carbonless wire bound books, to complex beasties like the Collins Cathedral analysis book.

Envelopes are an essential part of any office and stationery order which is why Euroffice stock one of the largest ranges of envelopes at the cheapest prices anywhere online. With all envelope sizes in stock, including discount A4 envelopes, C5 envelopes, DL envelopes and C6 envelopes. You'll also find different types and colours available including self seal envelopes, window envelopes, manila envelopes and white envelopes. You can also find out more information by visiting our Envelope Buyers Guide where it will explain all there is to know including the fact that an A4 envelope is referred to as a C4 envelope.

Many of our customers browse our envelopes & bags to purchase wedding envelopes, coloured envelopes, padded Envelopes, recycled envelopes and lined envelopes.