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Offices come in all shapes and sizes and so do your cooling and heating needs. Euroffice can supply air conditioners for the summer, fan heaters and radiators for the winter and air purifiers for any time of year. Our range of room thermometers can keep an eye on the temperature, helping you keep your workplace environment comfortable all year round.

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If you constantly find that your office is not quite the right temperature then why not invest in a simple office heater or cooler. These are much cheaper systems than an air conditioning unit so great for small businesses.


28 April 2014Ridiculously Long Terms and Conditions

There's been talk in the office today about unwieldy terms and conditions.  How long is too long?


According to research conducted for Fairer Finance, some banks and car insurers have ridiculously long terms and conditions.  Worst of the bunch, but not by much, were HSBC's with 34,162 words.  Close behind were several insurers who terms ran for more than 30,000 words.  No wonder that 73% of people don't bother reading them at all.

05 December 2013Free gifts with tea and coffee

Roll up to warm up

We’ve got free gifts to give away when you buy selected tea and coffee – just the right thing for colder days and longer nights.

18 September 2013The magic cash box?

Good for table manners

If you need to store petty cash, we offer a range of cash boxes that could fit the bill.

Euroffice stocks cooling and heating equipment for the home and office from leading manufacturers like 5 star, Connect It and 3M. Our value desktop fans and electric heaters can provide you with the solution that effectively, efficiently and economically maintains your office environment.