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Leave your mark with attention seeking highlighters or everyday ballpoint pens and pencils. Euroffice has an enormous range of value and quality writing instruments from Bic, Parker, Pilot, Uni-ball, Pentel and Sharpie. We have rollerballs for taking notes, art pencils for drawing, markers for adding a splash of colour and fountain pens to display a touch of class. Don’t forget your correction tapes and fluids in case of mistakes, and of course pencil sharpeners.

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5 Star Ball Pens Medium Black [Pack 50]
RRP £12.77 Save 45%
5 Star Permanent Marker Pen Xylene/Toluene-free Smearproof Bullet Tip 2mm Line Black [Pack 12]
RRP £14.36 Save 48%
5 Star Assorted Highlighters [Pack 6]
RRP £7.60 Save 60%

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If you need any pens, pencils, marker pens, tippex or anything else related to writing then you will it in this section of our website. This short video will take you through some of the most popular product types so that you hopefully have to spend less time searching through the full range of products.


12 May 2014Hey, teacher, leave those kids alone

Can lessons learned at work help our kids during exam time?


Around the country children are sitting their exams and causing much anguish for parents and teachers. Does the workplace have an answer?

28 April 2014Ridiculously Long Terms and Conditions

There's been talk in the office today about unwieldy terms and conditions.  How long is too long?


According to research conducted for Fairer Finance, some banks and car insurers have ridiculously long terms and conditions.  Worst of the bunch, but not by much, were HSBC's with 34,162 words.  Close behind were several insurers who terms ran for more than 30,000 words.  No wonder that 73% of people don't bother reading them at all.

18 September 2013Stained glass laminating pouches

Watercolour commerce

Never underestimate human ingenuity when it comes to office supplies.  I’ve found a website with instructions on how to turn laminating pouches into ‘stained glass’ watercolours.

Euroffice holds a great selection of drawing tools, HB pencils, OHP pens, chalks, crayons and pastels. Our range also includes drawing aids such as protractors, rulers and pencil sharpeners. We stock all the leading pen brands including Bic, Pilot, Staedtler, Sharpie, Parker, Uni-ball and Pentel, all with our low price guarantee and free delivery on orders over £30 (ex. VAT). To make sure you find the right ballpoint pen, fountain pen, mechanical pencil or gel pen view Euroffice’s Pens & Pencils buying guide.