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David Allen is an expert on productivity.  He's talked about it at TED and Google and written books on the subject.   Here's a video of his filing system.

Purging office space in the new tax year


When doing taxes, boxes are taken from shelves and files dusted off to get all the documents needed.  Isn't that also a good start to cleaning the office?


Now we're in a new tax year, perhaps it's time to clear all the clutter that accumulates in an office.  You know the sort of thing - mysterious boxes under desks 

Ten essential office supplies for a new business


We've been talking about what office supplies a new business should buy.  What do you think of our list?


1. Paper


Whether it's plain printer paper, fancy headed paper or paper that starts with a T (and which must never, ever run out) every office needs plenty to op-paper-ate.


2.  Notepads


Smartphones and tablets are great, but notepads are still king for jotting things down quickly (and they don't incorrectly autocorrect).


Here are some SME stories you might have missed (and one about marathons).

Stronger penalties for unscrupulous employers

The government has announced tougher penalties for businesses that exploit workers.  Measures include doubling the maximum penalty for employing illegal workers to £20,000 and increasing the maximum fine for paying below the National Minimum Wage to £20k per unpaid employee.

If you read the blog regularly, you'll know that dressing smartly not only affects what people think of you, but also how you act and speak.  Here are some top tips to help you look sharp (men, pay attention).

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